Music Production  

Operating under the stage name, Gabe Holder and producing music in a wide range of genres for corporate, TV applications and also for enjoyment.

Music Produced for Corporate / Game / TV applications

Cop Drama Theme Tune Covers!

Modern recreations of some of the most iconic, classic UK and USA cop dramas from the 70's and 80's

Watch on YouTube

YouTube - The Streets of San Francisco Theme Tune YouTube - Magnum PI Theme Tune YouTube - The New Avengers Theme Tune YouTube - The Professionals Theme Tune YouTube - The Sweeny Theme Tune YouTube - Starsky and Hutch Theme Tune

My Own Songs

Some of my own compositions in a range of differrent genres

Ambient, Philosophical Chill

Prog, Space Rock

Prog, Classic Rock

Prog, Classic Rock

Mellow, Guitar Solo (Think David Gilmour)

House / Dance with real, played instruments

Dramatic, Rock

Dub Reggae

Watch on YouTube

YouTube - Gabe Holder - Here, Now and Zen YouTube - Gabe Holder - Before, Now, Then YouTube - Gabe Holder - Letting Go YouTube - Gabe Holder - Badaboom YouTube - Gabe Holder - As I Lay YouTube - Gabe Holder - Island Time YouTube - Gabe Holder - Orbitus YouTube - Gabe Holder - Roots Down YouTube - Gabe Holder - About Time YouTube - Gabe Holder - Burn

Large Format Photograper

Large format photography using the Gigapan automatic panormic camera system for corporate and residential settings.

Music Producer

Multi instrumentalist music producer for games, TV, YouTube and for fun

3D Animator

3D renderings and animation for architectural concepts, large format photography installations and for video applications

Web Developer

Web developer for personally owned web projects and e-commerce

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